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Secret Life Of Burrowing Owls

Submitted by on January 4, 2011 – 11:14 pm2 Comments
Burrowing Owl, image from video by Mac Stone

Burrowing Owl, image from video by Mac Stone

Get a rare glimpse into the secret lives of Burrowing Owls with this wonderful video by Mac Stone.

Mac is a photographer based out of Gainesville, Florida. A coworker told him about these Burrowing Owls near Homestead, Florida and it didn’t take long for his creativity to take over! Mac explains:

These image sequences were all part of an effort to make a unique photograph of burrowing owls in their natural habitat. As diurnal birds, they spend most of the day outside their burrow keeping watch for predators. In order to get really close without scaring them, I placed my camera inside a road cone which they had grown accustomed to as a marker for their burrow. Leaving my camera in the cone-hide, I could let it cycle a photo every 2 seconds, offering a rare glimpse into the secret life of burrowing owls.

See photos of Mac’s setup and learn more about how he put the whole thing together in his Burrowing Owl post on his blog.

  • Laura Ravenscraft

    My favorite owl species, the burrowing owl.

  • Claude Desrochers

    I love taken pictures of