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White Lesser Redpoll In Sheffield

Submitted by on November 15, 2010 – 11:38 pmNo Comment
Lesser Redpoll by Rob.Baldwin

Lesser Redpoll by Rob.Baldwin

An almost completely white Lesser Redpoll was caught by the Sorby Breck Ringing Group in Sheffield on Sunday, November 14th.

The beautiful photo above by Rob Baldwin is what a Lesser Redpoll normally looks like. The Lesser Redpoll caught in Sheffield over the weekend was rung last year. Martin Garner from Birding Frontiers writes:

It was rung last year as a normal looking first winter! Presumably something in the local gene pool means that its first adult moult produced these amazing white feathering – and there are more from the same gene pool.

Now that you’ve seen what a Lesser Redpoll normally looks like, head over to Birding Frontiers and check out the photos of the Great White Redpoll in Sheffield!