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The Human American Eagle

Submitted by on November 11, 2010 – 6:48 pmNo Comment
Human American Eagle by Mole and Thomas

Human American Eagle by Mole and Thomas

This Human American Eagle was photographed in 1918 and was made up of 12,500 United States military officers, nurses and men.

Englishman Arthur Mole and his American colleague John Thomas took photographs using soldiers returning to America after World War I. They were among the very first to figure out the problem of perspective. Their unique and clever solution also allowed for a very large number of soldiers to be in each photo. For example, take a look at this photo.

Human Statue of Liberty by Mole and Thomas

Human Statue of Liberty by Mole and Thomas

Now read what Arthur’s great nephew Joseph Mole, 70, says about the photo about:

In the picture of the Statue of Liberty there are 18,000 men: 12,000 of them in the torch alone, but just 17 at the base. The men at the top of the picture are actually half a mile away from the men at the bottom.

Amazing! Half a mile from top to bottom, wow!

Joseph explains further:

Arthur was able to get the image by actually drawing an outline on the lens, he then had the troops place flags in certain positions while he looked through the camera. It would take a week to get all the outlines right, but just 30 minutes to move all the men into position to take the shot. It must have been amazing to watch.

Carl Hammer, from the Chicago gallery of the same name, says:

Mole and Thomas were commissioned by the US government to take the pictures as a way to raise morale among the troops and raise money by selling the shots to the public. It must have been incredible for the soldiers to be part of these photos and to be part of this slice of history. I see modern photographers with all the technology we have these days trying to do the same as these two guys did almost 100 years ago, and I still think they did it best and they did it first.

I agree! Absolutely amazing to see. Checkout more of the Mole and Thomas People Pictures at the Carl Hammer Gallery online. Be sure to click on the photos in their gallery and view them large!