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Man Risks Thousands In Fines To Save Birds

Submitted by on November 25, 2010 – 12:09 am4 Comments
Peter Giambro by Nancy Lane

Peter Giambro by Nancy Lane

Peter Giambro, a 70 year old retired carpenter from Quincy, Massachusetts risked over $17,000 in fines protecting birds in his neighborhood.

Peter lives in the Marina Point Condominiums in Quincy which is just south of Boston. In an effort to control birds in and around the condos, management hired a pest control company. This company would leave bait out on the roofs and on the balconies of residents that would give them permission to enter their homes. According to Peter and other residents, managers would tell them that this bait just makes the birds “drunk” and “drowsy”. The active ingredient in this bait is Avitrol.

Avitrol attacks the nervous systems causing tremors and convulsions which can result in a very painful death. Not only is poisoning cruel, it is ultimately ineffective because it is just a temporary solution to the problem. As long as the condominiums are an attractive place to perch and roost, birds are going to visit. There are plenty of other more humane ways to deter birds.

When Peter realized that maintenance workers were going to put Avitrol on his balcony in order to keep the birds away, he refused to allow them into his home. After Peter changed the locks on his condominium, he would not provide a key to his condo association. The association threatened to fine him $25 a day until he gave in. Well, Peter never did! Two years later he racked up over $17,000 in fines!

Property Manager Dick Williams said in a statement last week that this poison only “disorients” the birds and that if birds are found to have died because of this bait, he would discontinue the use of it.

Well, Peter kept insisting and made Dick keep his word. This past Monday, November 22nd, Peter’s condo association said they will no longer use the drug!

Michael W. Merrill, the lawyer for the condo association, said:

They didn’t realize the nature and extent of the potential harm the Avitrol could cause to the birds. The trustees were just acting on advice of a pest control company.

Peter said:

I’m so happy they decided to stop using it. It’s killing the birds. There’s no question about it. If they try to fly, they’re crashing into the street.

Also, Peter’s condo association is now reconsidering the fines he has accumulated over the last couple of years. I hope they get rid of them, but if they don’t not to worry. There is already a fundraiser in the works for next month!

Peter you are truly an inspiration! Despite all the odds, no matter the consequences, you stood up for what you believe in. The world needs more people like you in it!

Send Peter a letter!

I didn’t want to publish Peter’s address so I called the condominiums where Peter lives. They told me that if we send letters to the front desk and address them to Peter they will get them to him. So please, send Peter one letting him know you appreciate what he has done! I did!

Peter Giambro
1001 Marina Bay Drive
Quincy, MA 02171

If you would prefer, write your letter in the comments below. Just begin the comment with “Dear Peter” so I know it’s a letter and I will mail it for you! No charge! :)

  • guest

    Dear Peter;

    A reason to give thanks today: thanks for your struggle and courage. I hope you've sensitized the trustees to these issues & not simply to buy the word of exterminators.

    Yours, Arthur

  • Brdgrl

    Thank you Andrew. Outrageous reasoning from the pest control company. Letter sent!

  • Laura Ravenscraft

    Thank you Mr. Giambo for your courage to stand up to a very big crowd. I would have done the same thing, and I would have been vocal about it. I hope you have a very blessed holiday season, all us Burdr fans have yoyr back!!!


    Laura Ravenscraft
    Sacramento, CA

  • Jean Smith

    good man!