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Burdr, Tumblr And You!

Submitted by on November 23, 2010 – 11:30 pmNo Comment
Burdr on Tumblr by Andrew

Burdr on Tumblr by Andrew

Burdr is now on Tumblr! And the best part is, you can write for Burdr too!

If your not familiar with Tumblr, it’s a very easy to use short form blogging platform. It also has great mobile apps for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices. Oh, and did I mention it’s free! If you’re thinking about venturing into the world of blogging for the first time, Tumblr might be worth considering especially if you have one of the three smart phones above.

As for Burdr’s Tumblelog, I ultimately wanted another way for people to submit and share their photos, videos and stories about birds, birdwatching and anything related to it!

For example, if you have a bird photo on Flickr or another photo sharing service you want to share with more people, you can submit it to Burdr’s Tumblelog, write a little about it and include a link to the photo page.

Maybe you have a blog post related to birds that you want more people to read. You can submit a photo from it to Burdr’s Tumblelog with a few words or even a summary about the article and a link to it.

Or you can even write a short blog post with a photo or video right there on Burdr’s Tumblelog!

It’s entirely up to you!

I will be looking at each and every submission, but please understand I am just one person. I run this site, Burdr’s Tumblelog, Burdr’s Twitter account, Burdr’s Facebook page, and moderate the Burdr Flickr group. Yet I will do my very best to get to all the submissions in a timely manner!

I didn’t win any spelling contests, but I will also help with any minor mistakes.

Remember, I do what I do for the birds, for you and because I thoroughly enjoy it.

Visit Burdr’s Tumblelog to see what it’s all about!