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Rehabilitated Bald Eagle Doing Great

Submitted by on July 1, 2010 – 7:28 pmNo Comment
Rehabilitated Bald Eagle by Jon Smithers

Rehabilitated Bald Eagle by Jon Smithers

A rehabilitated Bald Eagle is doing great with his second chance at life!

The story begins when the Bald Eagle was admitted to The Raptor Center, in St. Paul, Minnesota back in 1997. The bird suffered from a broken wing after being shot. According to The Raptor Center, this was not the first time the bird was shot:

There was a piece of stainless steel shot at the fracture site and a piece of lead shot (meaning the bird was shot under 2 different circumstances) elsewhere in the body, but not causing any problems.

The Bald Eagle spent 13 weeks at The Raptor Center and was finally released at Indian Mounds Park, in St. Paul, Minnesota. The bird ended up making a home near St. Peter, Minnesota.

This is where photographer Jon Smithers began watching the bird in 2003. Over the past seven years, he’s watched the Bald Eagle and his mate raise 2 to 3 chicks per year!

Only recently was Jon able to confirm that this Bald Eagle was in fact the rehabilitated Bald Eagle released years earlier. He did so by getting the number off the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service band.

Bald Eagle band By Jon Smithers

Bald Eagle band By Jon Smithers

After getting the number, Jon used the Report Band website to confirm the bird. If you encounter a banded bird, give this website a try to learn more about it.

See more photos of the Bald Eagle in a gallery by Jon. He also took the wonderful video below.

Jon describes how he captured the video:

This video was taken with a Canon EOS 1d Mark IV with a 100-400L lens, 2 1.4x converters, 1 2x converter & 1.3 crop of the camera to make it 2038mm. The full HD video is like he is 5 feet away. This was taken from between 250-350 feet away.

Check out the setup.

Camera Setup by Jon Smithers

Camera Setup by Jon Smithers

Great video to compliment an incredible story of survival with a little human help!

Be sure to visit the Jon Smithers gallery for more wonderful wildlife and nature photography. If you’re in Minnesota, check out Jon’s schedule to see if he’ll be near you!