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Owls At The Bird Bath

Submitted by on July 6, 2010 – 9:37 pm7 Comments
Owls visiting the bird bath from video by Rainbows Everywhere

Owls visiting the bird bath from video by Rainbows Everywhere

After the post about birds taking baths, someone sent me this video of a group of owls hanging out at the local watering hole.

YouTube user Rainbows Everywhere said:

A family of owls like to hang out in my bird bath every night around 9 o’clock so my dad set up the camera to spy on them!

Having one owl visit the bird bath is great, but having five, awesome!

  • Yvette

    Way too cool! Shows the importance of filling the ole bird bath. You never know whooooo might be visiting when yer not looking!

  • Patti Cooter

    What a hoot!

  • Jo Rochek

    That is so awesome. Where is this at?

  • Donna Feagans

    Guess you never know who will turn up in your bird bath! How Cool!!

  • Fbannon

    so nice just love watching the little ones I sometime have them in my bird bath

  • Andrew

    I agree, I always try to fill my bath with fresh water every day!

  • Andrew

    You have owls visit you bird bath too?