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Hermit Thrush

Submitted by on July 1, 2010 – 3:02 amNo Comment
Hermit Thrush from video by Garth McElroy

Hermit Thrush from video by Garth McElroy

Listen to the amazing song of the Hermit Thrush in this gorgeous video.

Garth McElroy captured this Hermit Thrush singing in western Maine earlier this month. According to The Music of Nature, Garth just began shooting high definition video this season and this is his very first video for them. If this is his first, he set the bar pretty high for the videos that follow!

Garth talks about the bird and filming it in a blog post:

Hermit Thrushes have one of the most amazing songs of all North American birds. How they are able to produce such flute-like notes is a true wonder of nature. Hermit Thrushes are one of the first returning breeders to Maine in the spring. I always welcome the first one I hear while laying in bed well before dawn. This birds territory is on a small mountain behind my house in western Maine. Last week (June 20th, 2010) he was gracious enough to sing from an old pile of logs (and nearby shrubs) from a cutting operation.

This is one of my favorite songs of any North American bird. I love to sit outside in the early evening and listen to their ethereal sounds. I could always hear the bird, but finding it was a completely different story!

See more of Garth McElroy’s beautiful photography on his website called Feathered Fotos.