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Mowing For Muck

Submitted by on June 16, 2010 – 9:43 pmNo Comment
Eddie Trottier by Angela Holohan

Eddie Trottier by Angela Holohan

Eddie Trottier, a seven year old from Billerica, Massachusetts, will be spending this Summer mowing lawns to raise money for wildlife affected by the Gulf oil spill.

After seeing a pelican covered in oil, Eddie wanted to do something to help. So he and his mother decided to incorporate one of his favorite hobbies, mowing the lawn, into helping the wildlife in the Gulf. So this Summer Eddie will be mowing lawns in exchange for donations to the National Wildlife Federation.

I think Eddie realizes that there are a lot of birds and other animals that really need help. In the video he says:

I know I’m mowing a bunch of lawns this summer.

Mary Burnette, a spokeswoman for the National Wildlife Federation told the Lowell Sun:

The NWF is very impressed and proud of what both Eddie and a lot of children around the country are doing to help the wildlife that has been impacted by the oil spill. This is something that has really resonated with children because they see the pictures of wildlife struggling to survive in that oiled environment.

If children like Eddie Trottier and Olivia Bouler are doing what they can to help the wildlife in the Gulf, so can each and every one of us!