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Introduction To The Barn Owl

Submitted by on June 26, 2010 – 10:10 pm2 Comments
Barn Owl by kingfisher888

Barn Owl by kingfisher888

David Ramsdem from The Barn Owl Trust teaches us about the beautiful Barn Owl.

The Barn Owl Trust is a charity based in Devon, UK dedicated to conserving Barn Owls and their environment. Their website has a wealth of information. I really enjoy all of their educational videos, like the one I posted before about what a Barn Owl pellet is.

In this video David describes the birds physical adaptions, population, environmental influence, protection and how the Barn Owl can be an indicator. Very interesting and well done!

  • Bluebirdflo

    The video is beautiful and inspiring! We have habitat for them but are concerned that they would kill small birds esp. bluebirds on our 46 box trail. Do they kill small birds?

  • Yixia2000

    I really love Barn Owls! They are my favorite owl. I can’t believe their numbers are declining!