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11 Years Old And Willing To Help

Submitted by on June 9, 2010 – 7:06 pm4 Comments

Pelican by Olivia Bouler

Pelican by Olivia Bouler

Olivia Bouler, an 11 year old from Islip, New York has been creating illustrations of birds to help raise money for the oil spill efforts in the Gulf.

Olivia is familiar with the Gulf coast. She has spent many vacations there with her grandparents and other family members who live in Louisiana and Alabama.

James Bouler, Olivia’s father said:

We go down at least twice a year so she’s grown up really understanding how beautiful and how wonderful it is there.

When Olivia learned about what was happening in the Gulf and to the birds she loves, she was moved to tears.

Olivia said:

When I heard about this I was very devastated and I wanted to do something to help. I’m no James Audubon, but I can draw.

As an artist and aspiring ornithologist, Olivia decided to combine her talents and create bird illustrations to help raise money. She sent a letter to the Audubon Society with her idea, signing it:

11 years old and willing to help

Here’s the actual letter below.

Letter to the Audubon Society by Olivia Bouler

Letter to the Audubon Society by Olivia Bouler

Soon after receiving the letter, someone from Audubon contacted Olivia about purchasing one of her illustrations. The pelican above is now hanging in Audubon’s Manhattan headquarters!

They also discussed the best way to go about raising money for the wildlife preserves in the Gulf. So what Olivia has been doing is giving her illustrations to those who donate to either the Audubon Society, Sierra Club, Weeks Bay Foundation, Mobile Bay National Estuary Program or National Wildlife Federation. After someone makes a donation, they email the Bouler family with a receipt letting them know. Olivia then creates a bird illustration and sends it out.

Jane Bouler, Olivia’s grandmother, had this to say:

When I found out the scope of what this one child was attempting to do — I still can barely talk about it without a tremor in my voice. This child is doing what we all should be doing and she genuinely wants to help the birds.

So far over $60,000 has been raised!

The story gets even better! Recently, AOL learned about what Olivia was doing and decided to help. The company donated $25,000 dollars to The Audubon Society in Olivia’s honor and created her own artists project page called Olivia’s Help The Gulf Region Wildlife Project.

Maureen Sullivan, head of AOL’s marketing, said:

Olivia Bouler believes that one person can make a difference, and it’s inspired her passionate response to the situation in the gulf.

I agree! One person really can make a difference!

For more information, visit the Safe the Gulf: Olivia’s Bird Illustrations Facebook page or Olivia’s Help The Gulf Region Wildlife Project page on AOL. Also look for her on the major news networks. She was on CNN today and she will be on MSNBC tomorrow and CBS News next Monday night. Whoa!

Update: See Olive Bouler was on CBS News

Plover by Olivia Bouler

Plover by Olivia Bouler

Tern by Olivia Bouler

Tern by Olivia Bouler

  • Kelly

    This is a really cool story. Olivia's artwork is beautiful, and she's really making a difference. Yeah, Olivia!!

  • madrox

    i love her art work and i love how she is trying to help and how much she cares she is such an amazing little girl

  • Randy Fasig

    I'm proud of you keep up the good work you may be the person that changes the world

  • Charlie–taylor

    well done for raising so much money but i could do a better job with the pencil ducktaped to my dick!!!!!!!!!