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Rooster Attacks After Death Of Hen

Submitted by on May 12, 2010 – 10:54 pmNo Comment
Rooster attacks after death of hen by Quirky China News Rex Features

Rooster attacks after death of hen by Quirky China News Rex Features

A Rooster in China is becoming well known in his village for attacking any human he sees after one of his hens was killed.

Mr. Xiong of Getang county, Hunan province said the attacks started after he slaughtered one of the Rooster’s hens earlier that morning.

Xiong said:

In the afternoon I tried to calm the rooster and its three other wives down by feeding them a handful of rice, but the rooster suddenly jumped on me and pecked my calf.

Xiong went on to say that he ran for his life as the Rooster got ready for another attack.


It seems to understand that every human being is its enemy.

It will follow the person first and then suddenly jump up to peck their leg or backside.

Xiong says that he used to have friends and neighbors over to play cards, but since the Rooster attacks started no one comes over anymore.