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Watch Molly The Barn Owl Live On Ustream

Submitted by on March 3, 2010 – 10:28 pm26 Comments
Molly The Barn Owl on Ustream

Molly The Barn Owl on Ustream

Meet Molly the Barn Owl and take a look inside her nest box with a live video feed at Ustream.

Earlier this week, Twitter user celticgirl62 introduced me to a wonderful Barn Owl named Molly.

Molly is from San Marcos, California which is just north of San Diego. The people at the Birds R Us blog set this live cam up. They are using a Logitech Quickcam Orbit AF (which has Zeiss optics by the way!) during the day and a Agama V-1325R Night Vision Infrared 1.3M Pixel Webcam at night.

From Birds R Us:

The owl house is located on a 15 foot pole and there is a tree just outside the opening. The box has been up for two years and it took two years before the owls showed up. No other birds have tried to nest in the box. We have a very eco-friendly backyard; we live on an acre lot with lots of trees and plants for wildlife.

Wow, if I was a Barn Owl I would definitely move in there.

The Owl Box by Birds R Us

The Owl Box by Birds R Us

Molly laid a total of six eggs this February, so they should hatch sometime in March. I’ll definitely be tuning in for that!

From Bird R Us:

These are the dates she laid her eggs and the estimated hatch dates. Owl eggs hatch one at a time and approximately 30 to 34 days after being laid.

Egg 1 2/13/10 12:15 PM Est. Hatch 3/14-17/10
Egg 2 2/16/10 07:23 AM Est. Hatch 3/16-20/10
Egg 3 2/18/10 09:13 AM Est. Hatch 3/18-22/10
Egg 4 2/20/10 11:07 AM Est. Hatch 3/20-24/10
Egg 5 2/22/10 02:00 PM Est. Hatch 3/22-26/10
Egg 6 2/25/10 09:35 AM Est. Hatch 3/25-29/10

You can watch Molly the Barn Owl live on Ustream, but be careful, it’s a little addicting. Keep an eye out for her mate named McGee. If you’re on Twitter, follow @MollyOwl to stay up to date with what’s happening. It’s also a great way to know when there will be live narration during video feed.

Molly and her owl box by Birds R Us

Molly and her owl box by Birds R Us

There is also a good amount of recorded video clips on Molly’s Ustream channel. Last I checked, there were about seven pages of videos like the one below.

Do you have any favorite live bird cams? Share them in the comments!

Update: Molly now has a WordPress site called Molly’s Box, The Barn Owl of San Marcos.

  • Mike Barlow

    Tuning in – thanks for sharing, this is very cool!

  • Andrew

    You're very welcome! Glad you liked it!

  • jamesmetz

    to carlos and donna: we placed a owl box overlooking carlsbad's box canyon, a perfect site and no visitor! would you possibly be able to place one of the owls when ready with us?
    please reply…james Metz at or call 760-830-9014

  • cyberthrush

    Love Molly, and my other favorite nestcam is Phoebe the hummingbird here:

    …but Ustream has several other good ones as well

  • brittany

    This is the most amaging link that has ever been sent to me. I just opened it up to McGee bringing in a rabbit! So awesome way better than Discovery Channel. I live in San Marcos too. This is way cool! Thanks!

  • Andrew

    Thanks so much for sharing the link!

  • Andrew

    So happy you liked it!

  • bettieewry

    Question:Don and Bettie in Escondido.We have an owl box and our owlets just flew for the first time saturday night.we don't know what will happen next after the owlets leave the nest?
    Do the mama and papa continue to use the box?

  • Randy and Carol

    We want to see the babies. How?

  • Andrew

    Check out our most recent post about Molly The Barn Owl called “Molly The Barn Owl Introduces Max”. At the bottom of the post there is a video of Max!…
    There are also some recorded videos of the new owlets on Molly's Ustream channel.

  • Randall and Carolyn Mitchell

    We live just a stone's throw from the Owl Box (Oceanside) we learned about her from friends. We think it is great. Randy and Carol

  • Dave

    Molly's House will be crouded as he kids grow up. Molly is big but soon there will be 4 more. It's goig to be fun to watch as the room gets scarce.

  • M&M Randall L. Mitchell

    We've not tuned in for a while. Looking forward to returmmg. Carol and Randy

  • caylenmcgirt

    i want to see molly live please wake it up

  • caylenmcgirt


  • rebeccafisher

    I have so enjoyed this footage.I have never seen a barn owl up close, even living in vermont were their are alot barns, Thank-you so much you have made my Spring.

  • Ms. Brees

    I am a second grade teacher who has been following the owlet's progress. I would like to teach my students some math concepts using the number of “treats” the owlets have received. Has anyone been keeping track? thank-you.

  • Rjstebe

    How wonderful I missed seeing Molly after the owllets flrdged Now we can watch this new generation. Joan Stebe

  • Kikib1

    I just recently started following molly the owl. Shes so beautiful.

  • Kikib1

    Shes nocturnal she'll only be awake at night! I loooooooovvvvveeeee molly. Ahhhhhhhhh Isn't she cute when she sleeps!!!!!!

  • Kikib1

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh shes sooooooooooo cute!

  • Kikib1

    Molly just told her babies to go back to bed, its not time to get up yet.

  • Debkam1108

    Why isn't the live feed on?

  • Barbara K.

    How wonderful of the owner in San Marcos to set this up for all of us to see these unusual birds. Thanks alot from a Poway admirer.

  • Thebergclan

    i like her

  • Mekratrig

    Who was the guy who used to come in the Owl Box, he would take pictures of people posing as if they were running from all around the world.  I can’t rember the term for it.