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Leucistic American Robin

Submitted by on March 31, 2010 – 9:03 pmNo Comment
Leucistic American Robin by Greg Page

Leucistic American Robin by Greg Page

Here’s another unique bird! Flickr user Greg Page added a few photos of a very beautiful American Robin to the Burdr Flickr group.

Greg said that he took the photos of this American Robin at Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis, Indiana. This bird has a condition know as Leucism. It is similar to albinism but it is a reduction in all types of pigmentation not just melanin. In birds, this can result in patches of white feathers. Also in leucistic birds, the eyes and feet are usually their normal color like this American Robin.

Well, I think March is officially the month for unique birds! First a rare black penguin was photographed, then a rare white Atlantic Puffin was spotted, a White-headed male Chaffinch was added to the Burdr Fan Photos on Facebook, a white Blackbird was photographed in England and then I was emailed about this wonderful leucisitc American Robin in the Burdr Flickr group! Wow!

See the rest of Greg Page’s photos of the Leucistic American Robin on Flickr.