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Snow Geese In Flight

Submitted by on February 23, 2010 – 7:24 pm3 Comments
Snow Geese Flying Over by Andrew

Snow Geese Flying Over by Andrew

The Snow Geese were so close I could feel the wind from their wings as they flew over!

Over the deafening noise of thousands of Snow Geese, I could hear bird droppings hitting all around us. Miraculously, none of us were hit. Missed by only a foot!

Afterwords I realized I left the sun roof on the car open! I went over to check… luckily the inside of the car wasn’t hit either! Whew!

  • robertahynes

    This is an excellent in flight capture,Andrew!!

  • carol hijar

    Great picture. My Mom used to live at Port Susan, lost her in 1998. I didnt know there were snow geese there. We live in Southeastern Colorado on a lake, they winter over here.
    When they all take off it looks like a white cloud from the distance. Now I have been enjoying the Bald eagles on ouir land, last evening there were 25 sitting in the cottonwoods. I cant get close enough to get really good pictures.

  • Laney_Bird

    Whew! is right! Nice shot of the frenzy!