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Orphaned Bald Eagle Chick Finds New Home

Submitted by on February 17, 2010 – 3:01 am7 Comments

Hoover, a sixteen day old orphaned Bald Eagle chick, finds a new home!

Hoover was orphaned at just 2 days old when the tree holding his nest fell over. Fortunately, he was not hurt but attempts to reunite  him with his parents were unsuccessful.

So, the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey in Florida took care of him while volunteers looked for a new home. For a successful adoption, they needed to find a nest with eaglets that were about the same age as Hoover. After an extensive search, a suitable home was finally found. Then on President’s Day, Hoover was introduced to his new home!

Linda White, Audubon Eagle Watch Coordinator:

“We have never had one reject a foster chick. They’re such good parents. I have no doubt it’s going to work.”

The Bald Eagle chick was nicknamed Hoover because the eaglet was adopted on President’s Day and President Herbert Hoover was also an orphan after his mother and father died.

Good luck Hoover!


  • lauraravenscraft

    Why is Burdr allowing Google to advertise for Pigeon & Bird Pest Services 877-422-6547 Southern California on the Burdr web site, all birds deserve to live as we humans do, humans are doing more damage to the planet than birds are that is ridiculous

  • Laney_Bird

    Sweet story that brings a smile to my face :) Lots of delicious mice in that last snapshot!

  • Laney_Bird
  • Andrew

    I completely agree with you!

    This is a HUGE problem with Google Adsense. They automatically place ads on the site according to the words used on the site.

    Unfortunately, Google DOES NOT HAVE an option to also BLOCK ads based on keywords. So sometimes unwanted ads show up here.

    You are the second person that mentioned this, so tonight I will be removing them completely! I DO NOT want it to appear that Burdr supports those type of organizations in any way!

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  • Andrew

    Thanks! I did not see this particular story on that Bald Eagle.

    I actually wrote about this back in December. Glad I'm somewhat able to stay on top of things! :)

    Here's the article, it also includes a video:…

    Thanks again for posting the link. I really like it when people submit stuff like this.

  • Andrew

    Just an update, all Google Adsense ads have been removed.

  • Laney_Bird

    You're ahead of the curve! (Or Daily Mail is woefully behind it.)

    This website obviously is a labor of love for you, and we who are following you really appreciate it!