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Close Encounter With A Red-tailed Hawk

Submitted by on February 8, 2010 – 9:25 pm7 Comments
Red-tailed Hawk close up by palofmine2

Red-tailed Hawk close up by palofmine2

Betty Churchill of Clay, New York had a close encounter with a Red-tailed Hawk in her backyard. Fortunately for us, she caught the whole thing on video!

The Red-tailed Hawk makes an entrance around the 1 minute point in the video, after a slideshow about a Sharp-shinned Hawk. Wow!

  • patlovell

    Wow! can't believe he let you get that close! Great video!

  • Giesela

    Hungry Juvenile maybe. They do all sorts of strange things while learning. I read somewhere that 1/3 or more of juvenile hawks die of starvation before learning to hunt well enough to sustain life.

  • Hawk

    Reminds me of me…. Both you and Charlie will enjoy.

  • Catherine Czubacki

    Thanks, Betty. That was a great film.

  • palofmine2

    Awesome video!!!

  • Toni

    wow-so wonderful-thanks for posting!

  • Andrew

    Your very welcome! Thanks for your comment!