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Arctic Cliffhangers

Submitted by on February 20, 2010 – 3:44 pm2 Comments
Seabirds from Arctic Cliffhangers

Seabirds from Arctic Cliffhangers

The documentary Arctic Cliffhangers recently won “Best Wildlife Film” at the 2010 San Francisco Ocean Film Festival. Biologist and filmmaker Steve Smith explores the relationship between seabirds, humans and a changing Arctic climate.

Steve introduces us to the complexity of the polar marine ecosystem while living out on the land with scientists and Inuit in the eastern Canadian Arctic.

From Meltwater Media:

Three seabird colonies are highlighted in the film, each unique and stunningly panoramic. Here is an Arctic that is little known, yet is surprisingly colorful and teeming with life: a dramatic landscape with hundreds of thousands of birds milling and careening into a veritable feast for the eyes. Researchers descend the cliff rim to glean knowledge about the changing Arctic ecosystem, going about their daily routines roped and suspended in a world abuzz with prolific life.

Seabirds nest on land and can go many miles out to sea for their food. Some scientists believe that by studying these birds they can learn what is happening both on land and at sea due to climate change and human influence.

I’m very interested in seeing Arctic Cliffhangers, but I couldn’t find any information on when this documentary will be available for the general public to purchase. If I find anything out, I will let you know!

Emperor Penguins from Arctic Cliffhangers

Emperor Penguins from Arctic Cliffhangers

  • Meltwater

    Thanks for the promotional piece Burdr. Much appreciated. Just a note that the screengrab you have of emperor penguins from our website homepage is not from “Arctic Cliffhangers”. Emperors are located in the Antarctic, and the film focuses on seabirds of the Canadian Arctic. Most of the research highlighted in “Arctic Cliffhangers” is on Thick-Billed Murres, a small penguin-like black and white bird that is prolific throughout the Arctic.

  • Andrew

    Thanks for the comment and the information about the documentary and screengrab! Also, is “Arctic Cliffhangers” available to purchase?