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CJ Wildlife Bird Mugs

Submitted by on January 25, 2010 – 9:09 pm7 Comments
American Goldfinch CJ Wildlife mug by Andrew

American Goldfinch CJ Wildlife mug by Andrew

Take a look at these beautiful bird mugs from CJ Wildlife. I recently discovered them at the local Wild Bird Center.

There are a total of nine ceramic mugs in the collection. Each one features a different North American bird. So far I have purchased the American Goldfinch, Red-breasted Nuthatch and the Black-capped Chickadee. You can see the these and the other six bird mugs on the CJ Wildlife website.

The illustrations on the mugs are just gorgeous. They feature a bird and items from its habitat. I really like the little images on the inside of the mugs. It doesn’t matter if you hold the mug with your right or left hand because there are two images opposite each other on the inside. Pretty smart!

Red-breasted Nuthatch CJ Wildlife mug by Andrew

Red-breasted Nuthatch CJ Wildlife mug by Andrew

I plan on getting all the mugs. Hopefully, they will start making more of these with different birds from all over the world! I can definitely think of a few birds I would love to have. What about you? Any favorite birds you would like to have on a mug?

Check your local bird store to see if these mugs are available there. If not, you can purchase these bird mugs on the CJ Wildlife website.

Red-breasted Nutch CJ Wildlife mug by Andrew

Red-breasted Nutch CJ Wildlife mug by Andrew

  • vivienmaryplumridge

    lovely bird mugs, wish i could get them over here, they are quite the most charming i have ever seen. thank you.

  • robertahynes

    These are really nicely done! Would love to sip a cup of coffee out of one!

  • Andrew

    Where are you located? There has been some discussion on other places to purchase these mugs on the Burdr Facebook page.

  • Andrew

    Maybe you will!

  • vivienmaryplumridge

    thank you andrew for taking up my comment. i live in east midlands, england. i would love to buy some if not too expensive. what wonderful presents they would make, even just having one. for christmas, for birthdays, for special occasions and not forgetting, one for me. please get in touch .thank you.

  • Andrew

    Looks like you have a few different bird mugs to choose from!

    Plus you have beautiful tea mugs!

    I'm SO jealous! I have to see if they ship here.

  • Estrellita Campbell

    I own 2 of these/ the bluebird and the Cardinal. Ibought them in Springfield, Mo. At Wild Birds Unlimited. They must have a website, so you could order them. I plan to get some more.