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BirdGuides 2009 Photo Of The Year

Submitted by on January 28, 2010 – 10:30 pm8 Comments
Puffin by Kevin Du Rose

Puffin by Kevin Du Rose

BirdGuides has chosen a winner for their 2009 Photo of the Year competition. Believe it or not, this puffin photo by Kevin Du Rose is just a runner up!

Choosing a winner must have been next to impossible since they received 39,387 photos of 1888 species throughout 2009! If you haven’t seen the winning photo yet, definitely head over to BirdGuides and take a look. Incredible!

[BirdGuides Photo of the Year 2009]

  • Barbara

    Wow, what a shot!

  • Sue Schulte

    this is stunning so clear i'm so envious wish i could take photos like that!!

  • robertahynes

    All the images are great,but I love that Puffin!

  • Elainejuk

    Superb shot, one of my favourite birds.

  • paulineduren

    What a great photo, well iv'e just gotta see what could have beaten this shot

  • joelstibbard

    Unbelievable action shot! Woah!

  • emartinphoto

    SWEET! Amazing capture!

  • Graciela69

    Wow! Amazing action shot. Looks like a cartoon character. Love, love, love this photo. One of the most amazing bird shots I've seen…