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Push Along Duck

Submitted by on November 25, 2009 – 2:15 amNo Comment
Push Along Duck by Plan Toys

Push Along Duck by Plan Toys

Meet the Push Along Duck from PlanToys. It’s an eco-friendly bird toy for kids that’s completely safe and non-toxic.

As the toy is pushed, the duck seems to almost waddle side to side and makes a cute squeaking noise.

All PlanToys are made with clean, natural rubberwood from rubber trees which no longer produce latex. To keep the rubberwood pure, no fertilizer is added to the soil for three years before the trees are cut. To strengthen the wood, PlanToys uses a special chemical-free kiln drying process.

PlanToys also uses no formaldehyde and only safe, non-toxic water based dyes containing no lead or other heavy materials. Their toys have won all sorts of awards and achievements from countries all over the world. If you want to know a little more about PlanToys, their website has a fairly extensive about section with all sort of information.

I know it’s for kids, but I kind of want one … for my nieces and nephews of course!